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CE meets Hong Kong students and young people with international competition awards

The Chief Executive, Mrs Carrie Lam, together with the Secretaries of Department and the Directors of Bureau met over 100 Hong Kong young people and students, who won international competitions in the past year, in a tea gathering at Government House this afternoon (July 1) to commend the new and outstanding generation of Hong Kong and encourage them to continue to work hard for their goals.

Some 140 young people and students, together with their parents, headmasters, teachers and tutors, totalling about 250 people took part in the tea gathering. Mrs Lam said that since she assumed the post of the Chief Executive, she has spent more time to read newspapers every morning. She said that she was excited whenever she came across news reports about Hong Kong young people and students winning international competitions and bringing honour home, and would take record of them. On the 21th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, she said she invited this group of outstanding young people and students to a tea gathering today to celebrate with them and encourage them to continue to work hard to contribute to Hong Kong.

"The young people and students here in the tea gathering won awards in various international competitions. I am proud of the efforts they have made during the process. Every young person and kid has his own potential and is the future and hope of Hong Kong. We should give them room to realise their potential. I hope people from various sectors would work together to nurture them into a new generation with a sense of national identity, an affection for Hong Kong and an international perspective, who are also passionate about and committed to the well-being of our community," Mrs Lam said.

The young people invited to the tea gathering won in 40 different international competitions with areas covering STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), drawing, music, animation, design, sports, etc. The youngest of them is only four years old. In addition to taking pictures and chatting with the Chief Executive, the Secretaries of Department and the Directors of Bureau, they exchanged their experience gained in the competitions with each other and relived the exciting moments of winning awards.


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