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Space Museum launches new sky show "In Search of Cosmic Life"

The Hong Kong Space Museum's newly produced sky show, "In Search of Cosmic Life", which examines the possibility of extraterrestrial life, will be launched tomorrow (February 1).

The show begins with a nature-lover named Selena and her elder brother Sunny, who meet SPM-1, a mysterious robot who seems to know everything about life science, during a field trip to the countryside. Through their interaction the show takes audiences on a trip to the celestial bodies on which scientists have found liquid water or organic compounds. Liquid water is essential to life as it is the essential medium for most biochemical reactions, while the occurrence of organic compounds in space may hint that life could exist elsewhere than Earth.

"In Search of Cosmic Life" also introduces audiences to the contributions made by robots in exploring potentially habitable places and discovering organic substances in the universe, as well as related space missions such as Stardust, Kepler and OSIRIS-REx. Scientists will also share their views on whether extraterrestrial life might be found.

The 30-minute show will be screened until October 31 at the museum's Stanley Ho Space Theatre. It will be screened daily at 3.50pm and 7.20pm. An additional show at 12.20pm will be screened on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

Tickets priced at $24 (front stalls) and $32 (stalls) are available at the Hong Kong Space Museum Box Office and URBTIX ( The museum is closed on Tuesdays (except public holidays).

For detailed information, please visit or call 2721 0226.


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