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HKETO Congratulates Hong Kong Films at 2013 Golden Koala

At the 2013 Golden Koala Chinese Film Festival Awards Night held yesterday evening (18 February), Linda Law, Deputy Director at the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Sydney, congratulated the two Hong Kong film actresses who won the prestigious awards last night.

"I want to congratulate this year's finalists, especially the four Hong Kong films; Nightfall, Diva, Big Blue Lake and The Bounty. They're very diverse in terms of style and subject and it's encouraging to see them well-received at an Australian film event," said Linda Law.

"This is the second year HKETO has supported the Golden Koala Chinese Film Festival and we're delighted to see it expand to cover not only Sydney and Melbourne, but Brisbane as well.

"I'm also excited about the success of Hong Kong actresses Fiona Sit and Amy Chun. Ms Sit has won the Best Actress Award for her outstanding acting in "The Bounty" and Ms Amy Chun won the Jury's Recommendation Award for her great performance in "Big Blue Lake".

"The strong presence of Hong Kong films at this year's festival is testament to the universal appeal of Hong Kong cinema," said Linda Law.

Linda Law added that the success of the Hong Kong films abolish the myth that Hong Kong is just a financial centre, when in fact it is also a vibrant creative hub.

"Over the past decade, Hong Kong films have won over 300 international awards. This has a lot to do with the city's freedom of speech and expression, free flow of information, protection of intellectual property rights and it truly demonstrates the success of Hong Kong's 'One Country, Two Systems' principle."


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