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Scenic View of Hong Kong
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Hong Kong at a Glance
  Hong Kong at a Glance  
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Situated at the south-eastern tip of China

Land area 

1,104 km2, including the areas of Hong Kong Island (80.6 km2), Kowloon (46.9 km2) and New Territories and Islands (976.9 km2)


7.1 million, over 94% of which are ethnic Chinese

Population growth* 



6,580 persons/km2

Official Languages 

Chinese, English


Temperature can drop below 10oC in winter and exceed 31oC in summer.
About 90% of the rainfall occurs between April and September.
Average annual rainfall: 2,398.5 mm. 

Law system 

Common law

Tax rates 

Salaries tax: 15%

Profits tax: 16.5%

GDP (HK$ billion)* 

1,890.9 (at current market prices) (+5.1%)

1,823.2 (in chained 2009 dollars) (+3.6%)

Per capita GDP (HK$)* 

266,026 (at current market prices) (+4.3%)

256,490 (in chained 2009 dollars) (+4.4%)

Note *: Figures as of 2011


Under its constitutional document, the Basic Law, Hong Kong is an autonomous Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, except in defence and foreign affairs. The Basic Law guarantees that autonomy for 50 years, and designates a system of governance led by a Chief Executive and an Executive Council. The Chief Executive is elected through the mechanism stipulated in the Basic Law. He appoints Members to the Executive Council, who assist him in making policies. The Legislative Council is the law-making body of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. It comprises 60 members, with 30 elected directly by geographical constituencies and 30 elected by functional, occupation-based constituencies.

Please click here for details about Hong Kong's government structure.

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